RPA Mapping System

fixed wing remotely piloted aIRCRAFT (RPA)

fixed wing remotely piloted aIRCRAFT (RPA)

  • RPA capable of achieving repeatable 25mm horizontal and vertical 3D point accuracies
  • On-board 'Direct Geo-Referencing' System - rapid data capture with no pre-targeting required
  • Revolutionary positional capture system where every camera centre becomes a control point...1000 photos equals 1000 control points!
  • Survey areas up to 8 km² per day
  • Fly in winds up to 35 - 40km/h


High resolution Orthophoto with 1 metre contourS

  • Industry leading high resolution aerial imagery to 10mm pixel resolution

3-D Data

3d digital elevation model

  • Digital Elevation Models (DEM)
  • Digital Terrain Models (DTM)
  • Accurate 3-D contours
  • Accurate 3-D bare earth point clouds
  • 3-D Photogrammetric point and line feature capture 
  • Volume calculations
  • Watershed modelling